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What Do People Say About Candid?

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I am so thankful to Candid for their services! Before I chose Candid for treating my teeth, I had already checked out some of the other clear braces brands in the market and their treatment plans. But only candid got my attention due to their flexible payment options and excellent customer reviews.

After I shared the first impression of my teeth with the orthodontic team at Candid, they approved me as an eligible candidate and also sent me my first aligner along with the treatment plan. I was really impressed as the aligner didn’t hurt my gum or the insides of my cheeks. Also, their customer care team is really helpful. They discussed and answered all my questions carefully. Now that I have finished my treatment plan, my teeth have shifted and realigned as promised by the orthodontists at Candid.

Kenji Moss – Candid
Norfolk, Virginia
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I am one of those million people who do not have straight and properly aligned teeth. And due to my crooked and mildly overlapping teeth, I always shied away from the cameras or avoided smiling openly when surrounded by friends. Unknowingly, this also affected my confidence level making me an introvert. In order to help me out with my problem, my brother suggested that I try Candid and see if I was eligible or not for their treatment plan.

Luckily, after I sent them my impression, they sent me a preview of my treatment plan and how they intend to treat and shift my teeth for the perfect smile. Candid offered me a 9 month long treatment plan which I accepted and soon received my starter kit. The entire procedure went ahead easily and by the end of 9 months, Candid had done the magic on my teeth. I couldn’t believe that my teeth were all aligned perfectly. The procedure had also changed my smile.

Shani Cole – Candid
Savannah, Georgia