Sharon Clark

Clear Braces Editor


What Do People Say About Smile Direct Club?

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Great customer services!

I got a 3D teeth scan to check if I was eligible or not for SmileDirect’s clear braces and services I received were absolutely great. The scan results were impressing and they also gave me a preview of how my teeth would shift and look after the treatment procedure. Based on the preview, I went ahead with their offered teeth alignment plan and the outcome has been absolutely stunning for me. The crooked teeth are now all in-perfect alignment and this has totally changed my smile. I went through their treatment for 6 months to get the desired results. Also, every time I contacted them for my queries, they were genuinely great to answer back and make sure that I was happy with the treatment and services.

Damien Wilde – SmileDirectClub
Kenosha, Wisconsin
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SmileDirectClub has changed my smile completely! And I am really happy with the way my teeth have shifted and been re-aligned with the help of their clear braces. I had a good gap between my teeth which affected my smile and appearance. So, instead of going for the traditional braces, I opted for the clear braces offered by SmileDirectClub. Thankfully, the choice I made proved to be perfect for my teeth and within just 4 months of the treatment, I could see the difference. It took me almost 7 months to realign the teeth as expected by their experts. The aligners are so easy to use and take care. And I never had any problems with their fitting or inner cheek cuts because of them. So yes, I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to realign their teeth and correct their smiles.

Grace Collins – SmileDirectClub
Naperville, Illinois
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Let me start from the beginning! I had gaps between my teeth which had become very annoying for me, especially because of my work that demanded me to stay in the public eye all through the week. And hence, I really wanted to re-align my teeth and have a perfect look.

Smile helped me re-align my teeth and it changed my entire look and smile. People noticed my changed look and commented on how different I looked just because of the invisible braces. The treatment procedure was 7 months long but was definitely worth it. Thank you Smile so much for improving my smile!

Vincenzo Guerro – SmileDirectClub